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Reel-type kid        mohair        70%,        30%        polyamide,        50        grams/700        meters        from        store

XS/S – 100 grams, M - 120 grams, L/XL - 150 grams.

Lurex Katia Star 60% viscose, 35 polyester, 25 grams/625 meters.

XS/S – 25 grams, M - 25 grams, L/XL - 30 grams.

Knitting density:10 cm – 15 loops. 10 cm – 22 rows. Keep in mind that the density varies! If you have more loops in 10 cm, then the sweater will be narrower than indicated in the description! Try different sizes of knitting needles to bring the sample's density closer to the specified one. Knit the sample with an approximate size of 15*15 cm (23 loops*33 rows).

Dimensions:XS/S (OG 80-88) - sweater width is 52 cm, body length along the back is 64 cm. M (OG 88-92) - sweater width is 55 cm, body length along the back is 68 cm. L/XL (OG 92-100) - sweater width is 58 cm, body length along the back is 71 cm. Please choose the size very attentively! Since this is the oversize sweater and the model is elongated, the width of the sweater should not be narrower than the hips width.

Description includes:

  • Model description
  • Scheme and designation
  • Videos
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