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Brioche Knitting

Welcome to the world of Brioche Knitting, where the possibilities for color and texture multiply, and all your knitting skills are taken one (or a few) steps further than they’ve ever been taken before

Course content:

Intro to Brioche

  • What is Brioche Knitting?
  • What You’ll Learn In This Course
  • Projects You'll Be Able to Knit
  • Skills You’ll Need
  • Supplies for Brioche Knitting
  • Resources

Ch. 1 Basic One-Color Brioche Stitch

  • Basic One-Color Brioche Stitch
  • Read Your Work in Brioche Knitting
  • Count Stitches and Rows
  • Setup for a Standard Bind-Off
  • Stretchy Yarnover Bind-Off
  • Weaving in Ends on Brioche

Ch. 2 Brioche Knitting with a Selvedge

  • What is Selvedge-Stitch Brioche?
  • Italian Cast-On and Tubular Set-Up
  • One-Color Selvedge Brioche
  • Italian Bind-Off

Ch. 3 One-Color Brioche in the Round

  • Brioche in the Round on Magic Loop
  • Blocking Your Brioche Knitting Project

Ch. 4 Two-Color Brioche in the Round

  • Two-Color Brioche in the Round
  • Read Your Work on 2-Color Brioche
  • Decreasing - Brioche SSK
  • Brioche Hat Patterns to Try

Ch. 5 Two-Color Flat Brioche

  • Supplies for Two-Color Flat Brioche
  • Two-Color Flat Selvedge Brioche
  • Tips for Two-Color Flat Brioche
  • Fixing Mistakes in Brioche Knitting
  • Project: Two-Color Brioche Scarf

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