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Continental Knitting

Why Continental Knitting? Remember those old cartoons of granny knitting away, how she just moved her needles and the scarf just grew from her needles, like magic? That’s why I like Continental knitting.

Course content:


  • Why Continental Knitting?
  • Learning to Knit Again

Tensioning the Yarn for Continental

  • Tensioning the Yarn
  • Finger Aerobics I

Continental Knitting and Purling

  • The Continental Knit Stitch
  • Finger Aerobics II
  • The Continental Purl Stitch

Intermediate Continental Knitting

  • Introduction
  • Yarnover – Continental
  • 1×1 Rib – Continental
  • Continental Tips - The "U"

Mastering Continental Knitting

  • Making the Switch (Homework)
  • Knitting Without Looking


  • Continental Knitting Illustration

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