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Fair-Isle Knitting

Fair-Isle knitting is the art of knitting with more than one color in a row to make knitted color designs in your projects. Fair-Isle knitting is a useful intermediate color-knitting technique that is not only steeped in history but also looks beautiful in today’s designs.

Course content:


  • Fair-Isle Knitting for Fanatics
  • What You’ll Learn In This Course
  • The Project You’ll Be Knitting
  • Introduction to Fair-Isle Knitting
  • Fair-Isle vs. Intarsia

Ch. 1 Beginning Fair-Isle Knitting

  • Project: Fair-Isle Felted Bag
  • Choose Your Materials
  • Pattern Walk-Through
  • Knit The Base Of The Bag
  • Join Color B To Start Making Stripes
  • Knit The Striped Bag Bottom
  • Pick Up And Knit Around The Base
  • Begin Knitting In The Round
  • Learn To Read A Chart
  • Begin Fair-Isle Knitting

Ch. 2 Tips for Successful Fair-Isle Knitting

  • Fix Mistakes When Following Chart
  • Maintain An Even Tension
  • Pulling Your Floats Too Tight
  • Fix Mistakes Far Down
  • Switch Colors Consistently

Ch. 3 Things to Watch Out For in Future

  • Twists Yarns to Prevent Long Floats
  • Corners on Magic Loop and DPNs

Ch. 4 Finish the Bag

  • Checking Back In With Your Tension
  • Finish Knitting the Bag and Handles
  • Garter Stitch in the Round
  • Final Rounds
  • Weave Ends
  • Make I-Cord Handles and Loops
  • Felt the Bag
  • Assemble The Bag

Ch. 5 Intermediate Fair-Isle Knitting

  • Tips for Fair-Isle on Round Projects
  • Round Fair-Isle Projects to Try
  • Knitting With More Than Two Colors

Ch. 6 Advanced Fair-Isle Knitting

  • Fair-Isle On Flat Projects
  • Knitting With 3 Colors in One Row
  • Fair-Isle Ribbing


  • Fair Isle Felted Bag Chart

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