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Felted Slippers

Welcome to your Easy Norwegian Felted Slippers class! I hope you enjoy learning a few new tricks on this easy basic beginner project.

Course content:

Ch. 1 Pattern and Materials

  • Introduction
  • Pattern
  • Paper Schematic
  • Sizes
  • Options
  • Materials Needed
  • Prerequisite Skills

Ch. 2 Plan Your Slippers

  • Create and Tape Paper Slipper
  • Plan Your Colors

Ch. 3 Knit Your Slippers

  • Begin Knitting 1st Garter Strip
  • Count Rows on Garter Stitch
  • Change Colors
  • Count Rows on Second Square
  • Pick Up and Knit Two Flaps
  • Knit Second Slipper

Ch 4. Seam Your Slippers

  • Prepare to Seam Slippers
  • Seam Slippers
  • Weave in Ends

Ch. 5 Felt and Decorate Slippers

  • How to Felt Your Slippers
  • Needle-Felting Decorations
  • Adding Non-Slip Puffy Paint

All Done!

  • You Did It! Post Photos

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