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Guide to Cast-Ons

I learned so much about cast-ons while recording this video guide. I know that every time I start a project from now on, I’m going to pick a new cast-on from among these techniques. I hope you are as inspired as I was by all these options. Happy knitting! There are some basics in this section and the next that you should review before you start exploring the cast-ons in this course.

Course content:

Introduction to Cast-Ons

  • Getting Started
  • What Is a Cast-On?
  • Short-Tail vs. Long-Tail Cast-Ons
  • Choosing The Right Cast-On
  • List of Matching Bind-Offs and Cast-Ons

Basic Cast-On Techniques

  • Estimating Tail for Long-Tail Cast-On
  • How To Make A Slipknot
  • Slingshot Position

Cast-On Tips and Tricks

  • Never Run Out of Tail Casting On
  • Casting On Without A Slipknot
  • Count Cast-On Stitches Fast
  • Casting On To Two Needles

Troubleshooting Your Cast-On

  • What to Do If You Run Out Of Tail
  • Fixing a Dropped Cast-On Stitch
  • Casting On Too Tight or Too Loose

Basic Long-Tail Cast-Ons

  • Long-Tail Cast-On
  • Long-Tail Cast-On: Thumb Method
  • Grandma’s Cast-On
  • Old Norwegian/Twisted German

Basic Short-Tail Cast-Ons

  • Backwards Loop (Child’s) Cast-On
  • Double-Twist Loop Cast-On
  • Knitted Cast-On
  • Purled Cast-On
  • Cable Cast-On
  • Chain (Crochet) Cast-On

Stretchy Long-Tail Cast-Ons

  • Alternating Long-Tail Cast-On
  • Alternating Old Norwegian Cast-On
  • Double-Start Cast-On
  • Channel Island Cast-On
  • Italian Tubular Cast-On for 1×1 Rib
  • Italian Tubular Cast-On for 2×2 Rib

Stretchy Short-Tail Cast-Ons

  • Alternating Cable Cast-On
  • Slipknot Cast-On
  • Tillybuddy’s Cast-On
  • Chinese Waitress Cast-On

Center-Start Cast-Ons

  • Emily Ocker’s Circular Cast-On
  • Invisible Circular Cast-On
  • Garter Tab Cast-On

Decorative Cast-Ons

  • Lace Cast-On
  • Picot Cast-On
  • Hemmed Edge Cast-On
  • I-Cord Cast-On

Double-Sided Cast-Ons

  • Judy’s Magic Cast-On (JMCO)
  • JMCO for Two-at-a-Time
  • Turkish Cast-On
  • Figure-8 Cast-On

Multicolor Cast-Ons

  • One Contrasting-Color Edge
  • Two-Color Cast-On
  • Three-Color Cast-On
  • 3-Color Cast-On for 2-Color Ribbing

Provisional Cast-Ons

  • Provisional Cast-On
  • Crochet Provisional Cast-On

Special Shapes

  • Moebius Cast-On
  • Two-at-a-Time Top-Down Cast-On

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