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Magic Loop Knitting

It’s Time for You to Start Knitting in the Round. Since you’re an intermediate knitter, I’m going to assume that you have made a scarf, or a dishcloth, or something flat, with two needles.

Course content:


  • What Is Knitting in the Round?
  • Ways to Knit in the Round
  • The Round-Knitting Revolution

Introduction to Magic Loop

  • Why Magic Loop?
  • Supplies You’ll Need For Magic Loop
  • What Brand of Needles?

Learn Magic Loop

  • Basic Magic Loop
  • Going Faster

Knitting With Magic Loop

  • Adapting Any Pattern To Magic Loop
  • Practice Increasing And Decreasing
  • Switch Needles on Magic Loop
  • Purling on Magic Loop

Troubleshooting Magic Loop

  • Keeping Your Loops The Right Size
  • Pulling 1st St Too Tight (Ladders)
  • Turning Your Knitting Inside-Out
  • Accidental Round-End Yarn-Overs
  • Seeing Purl Bumps on the Outside
  • Avoid Twisting Loops Of Cable
  • Undo Stitches on Magic Loop

Mastering Magic Loop

  • The “One Stitch Left” Challenge
  • Basic Magic Loop Hat Pattern
  • Bonus Video: Traveling Loop


  • Magic Loop Illustration

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