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Mastering Cables

Here you will find two videos and a pattern to help you master moebius knitting. Since the cast-on is the hardest part, I have created two detailed videos for you showing how to do the moebius cast on, how to put several twists (3 or 5) in the cast on, and how to knit from the cast-on

Course content:

Introduction to Cables

  • Introduction
  • What We’ll Be Covering In This Course
  • Pattern: Bulky Cabled Legwarmers
  • Selecting Your Materials
  • Check Your Gauge
  • Pattern Overview

Start First Legwarmer

  • How to Read a Cable Chart
  • Keep Track Of Where You Are
  • First Plain Rows (Rows 1-4)
  • First Pattern Rows (Rows 5-6)

3-Stitch Cables - T3L and T3R

  • Cable Abbreviations
  • T3L, T3R - Cable Needle (Row 7)
  • T3L, T3R - No Cable Needle (Row 7)
  • Work In Pattern (Rows 8, 10, 12...)


  • 2-Stitch Buttonhole (Rows 9-10)

4-Stitch Cables - C4R

  • C4R - Cable Needle (Row 11)
  • C4R - No Cable Needle (Row 11)
  • Practice and Review (Rows 13-24)

Troubleshooting Cables

  • Introduction
  • Messed Up a Few Rows Down
  • Common No-Cable-Needle Mistakes
  • A Stitch That Looks Out Of Place
  • Forgot To Do Buttonhole
  • Forgot What Row You’re On

4-Stitch Cables - C4L

  • C4L - Cable Needle (Row 25)
  • C4L - No Cable Needle (Row 25)

Finishing the Legwarmers

  • Finishing the First Leg Warmer
  • Bind Off In Pattern
  • Knitting the Second Leg Warmer
  • Blocking
  • Sewing Buttons and Weaving in Ends
  • Twisted-Cord Tie
  • Caring For Your Leg Warmers


  • Legwarmer Pattern
  • Legwarmer Cable Chart
  • No-Cable Needle Cheat Sheet

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