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Mosaic Knitting

Course content:


  • Majestic Mosaics
  • What Is Mosaic Knitting?
  • Where Did Mosaic Knitting Come From?
  • How to Learn Mosaic Knitting

Ch. 1 Beginning Mosaic Knitting

  • Easy Mosaic Brick Pattern
  • Three Tips for Mosaic Knitting
  • Basic Mosaic Troubleshooting
  • Practice Project – Ballband Dishcloth

Ch. 2 Basic Slip-Stitch Knitting

  • Learn Slip-Stitch Knitting
  • Zigzag Stripes Motif – Video
  • Advanced Mosaic Troubleshooting

Ch. 3 Project - Stripes Brigade Pillow

  • Stripes Brigade Mosaic Throw Pillow
  • Choosing Yarn for Two-Color Projects
  • Easy Mosaic Patterns for Practice

Ch. 4 Advanced Mosaic Knitting - Charts

  • About Charted Mosaic Knitting
  • Concentric Circles Mosaic Chart
  • Learn to Knit from a Mosaic Chart
  • Tips for Knitting from a Chart
  • Charted Patterns for Practice

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