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Toe-Up Socks, Two-at-a-Time

Toe-up socks are the next intermediate project after Magic Loop in the KnitFreedom Knitting Superstar series. This fun, portable, and gift-able project is the perfect way to learn and practice the techniques that are going to take you to Knitting Superstardom.

Course content:

Introduction to Toe-Up Socks

  • What Is Toe-Up?
  • What Is Two-At-A-Time?
  • How To Use This Course

Project - Toe-Up, Two-at-a-Time Socks

  • Toe-Up Sock Pattern
  • Choose Your Materials
  • Check Your Gauge in the Round
  • Following The Pattern Easily
  • Walk-Through Of Pattern

Cast On For Socks and Knit Toe

  • Learn Judy’s Magic Cast-On
  • Cast On For Both Socks
  • Bottom Needle/Back Needle
  • Tips for Knitting First Round
  • How the Toe Increases Work
  • Optional: Easier Increases
  • Increasing On Your Socks
  • Keeping Track Of Your Increases

Troubleshooting While You Knit

  • Keep Balls Of Yarn From Tangling
  • Loose Cast-On Row
  • Avoiding Gaps at the Sides
  • Socks Not Joined On One Side
  • Removing Socks to Unravel

Knit the Foot and Heel

  • Knit Foot
  • Increase for Gusset
  • Forgot to Increase
  • Turn Heel
  • How to Purl Backwards
  • Final Heel Decreases

Knit Cuff and Finish Sock

  • Knit Cuff
  • Work In Rib For 1 Inch
  • The Invisible Ribbed Bind-Off
  • Weave In Ends And Block

Advanced Toe-Up Socks

  • Toe-Up Socks in Other Weights and Sizes
  • Textured Stitches in Toe-Up Socks
  • Basic Toe-Up Sock Formula

Bonus: Toe-Up Faux-Heel-Flap Socks

  • The Faux Heel Flap
  • Heel-Flap Sock Pattern Downloads
  • Slip-Stitch Heel
  • Eye-of-the-Partridge Heel

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