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Two-at-a-Time Mittens

Yay! Let’s make two-at-a-time mittens. You’ll want to be familiar with the Magic Loop technique of knitting in the round before you start this course, although if you are adventurous, I do show you every step here, so you could start here and see how it goes

Course content:

Introduction: Two-at-a-Time Mittens

  • Mitten Patterns – Worsted and Bulky
  • Choose Your Materials
  • Choose Your Size
  • Check Your Gauge in the Round
  • Following Along With Your Pattern
  • Pattern Overview

Cast-On and Ribbing

  • Cast On For Two-at-a-Time
  • Work in the Round in Twisted Rib
  • Work Twisted Rib for 8(8,10) Rounds
  • How to Count Your Rounds Easily
  • Keep Your Yarn From Tangling
  • Work One Round Even


  • Increase For the Hand
  • Increase For the Thumb
  • Slip Markers As You Increase
  • Continue Increasing For the Thumb
  • Easily Tell If It's Time to Increase
  • Remove Thumb Stitches
  • Knit the Hand
  • Count Your Rounds Easily
  • Decrease for the Top of the Hand
  • Count Rows After Decrease Round
  • Finish the Hand Decreases
  • Finish the Top Of the Hand


  • Place Thumb Stitches on Needle
  • Knit Thumb
  • Finish Thumb
  • Weave in Ends


  • The Ultimate Mitten Thumb
  • Bulky Mitten Pattern
  • Worsted Mitten Pattern

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